A quirky 2D sandbox RPG made by a couple of ex-Lionhead Fable devs.


The Lionhead spirit is invoked with Kynseed, a whimsical new adventure that brings to mind the chill-out charm of Stardew Valley and the reactive sandbox world of Fable’s beloved Albion. Raise a family, farm your land, run your shops, and explore a lovingly crafted land where all the old proverbs and superstitions are true. Plant the mystical Kynseed to grow your family tree and make choices that impact generations to come. Step into the shoes of your children to continue your legacy and further grow your reputation.

Kynseed is being made by PixelCount Studios, one of the baby Phoenix chicks that has sprung from the ashes of Lionhead Studios. Our fledgling studio consists of two Lionhead veterans who have been involved in EVERY Fable game, Black & White, and The Movies (among others). Our goal as a studio is to continue the spirit of Lionhead with games that are charming, humorous, very British, and eccentric.

As you build your empire, both homely and business, you’ll develop your renown and reputation and will eventually gain the attention of the mysterious Jack of All Trades! You can choose to take on jobs, open your own business, take on tasks and quests, mess with the sandbox, raise a family and go off The Path into the dangerous places for combat and loot finding. The materials you find can be used to help further your business and equipment while increasing your reputation.

“Few people fully understand what made Fable’s Albion
so special to players. These guys know. They made it.”

Dene Carter (Creator of Fable)

“If you’ve played Stardew Valley and wished that poo
played a bigger part in life down on the farm,
Kynseed might just have you covered.”

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Kynseed is already an intriguing game. It’s an RPG, but a
different one for sure, and is very much a philosophical nugget
to chew in. It occupies the freedom space of games like Stardew
Valley and Harvest Moon but adds a unique life mechanic
that asks you to think about heavy concepts.”