Interesting things are afoot here at Castle PixelCount.

To start with, we’ve now got a dreamy new website up at where we’ll be posting bits and bobs of Kynseed content and updates, although Bob might not want his bits posted. (We’ll still share updates over on Kickstarter as well, of course.)

This new site is just to get us started and we’ll be adding more to it over time including pages dedicated to wondrous concept art, magnificent musical delights, and other treasures not of this world. So why not go investigate the new website and hit that bookmark button while you’re there.

We also added in a few polished bells and a couple of shiny whistles to our community forums, so if you’ve been itching to get your hands on a backer badge you’ll be happy to see they are now implemented. Haven’t gotten your badge yet? Just pop into this thread and say a quick hello. As easy as a Poppyhill Pie. Haven’t registered yet? Shame on you and a curse of bee hair on your ancestors. Go here to remedy that.


Join Us on Discord!

It’s happened. We’ve done it. You’ve all peer pressured us enough. We now have an official PixelCount Discord server! To be perfectly honest, we are really looking forward to conversing with you by the fireplace over there, a goblet of Woemarsh Whiskey in hand. It’s still relatively rare for a game’s community to be able to join in conversations and seances with the developers in real-time and Discord is absolutely perfect for that. It’s also not common for a Kickstarter game in open development to have a presence somewhere like Discord, so we are pretty well pleased with ourselves for being so ‘modern’. We intend on haunting the server throughout our workdays so, if you pop in for a visit, chances are you’ll be able to talk to our spirits while we take a well-earned breather from the chaotic scramble of game creation…erm, I mean…while we engage the fanbase. Yes. That.

Just hit the link in the image below to get a public invite to our channel and come pass on your greetings in any of your Earthy languages (but English/Quillian is preferred).



Behold, New Character Art

As mentioned in our last update, we’ve had Gary hard at work on putting together new character art for Kynseed. Not long ago, he sent in some early drafts of character aging and we are as pleased as Copperpot Punch with the results. We are keen to see what you think and would love to get your thoughts and feedback – we’ve even got a handy thread up over here for just that thing. So without further ado, here’s Gary’s latest take on character aging in the land of Quill.



Pretty awesome, right? We’re very much looking forward to seeing what else Gary cooks up in the coming weeks. And just wait until you see some of these characters animated!

In other development news, blacksmith and apothecary jobs are in a rough playable state, along with Ledgers, and code is coming along for buildings. What are Ledgers you might ask? Well basically these are common to all shops owned by the player and will allow you to view and arrange all manner of affairs with the business. We’ve also been busy setting up some new NPC’s using many of Gary’s new sprites. It is intensely exciting finally seeing an NPC in the game other than the Dad from the prototype.

We’ve also been getting in numerous UI mockups that we hope to be sharing with all of you on the dev forums very soon – followed by eventually sharing them here in a public update, of course. Similarly, work has begun on some brand new concept art for the game! Currently we’re working on nailing down the architectural style of the Vale buildings and the concept art we’ve been getting has been invaluable in providing direction for that sorta stuff. Expect us to start sharing some of this new concept art with you all in the coming weeks.

On the audio front, music guru Matthijs recently got his hands on an entirely new library of instrument samples to use for the game’s soundtrack. Already we can tell a big difference in the audio quality and it’s having a huge impact on the overall vibe of the game’s music. In the last week alone, Matthijs managed to use these new samples to put together what we think are some of his best tracks to date. In a future update we’ll be diving deeper into the game’s soundtrack and will be offering a behind the scenes look at how we’re putting it all together and how exactly all these new samples work.


So much new game content is being made now and we’re finally starting to see the core bits of the game slowly form. It’s been great seeing the sheer quantity of content has been getting made in just the last few weeks alone. Expect to see more art and music trickle out in the coming weeks and, as always, we’ll be depending on you lot to help give us feedback and bring this world to life. Until next time, Seedlings!

– Your Fae friends at PixelCount