The Kynseed backer beta is available to all backers! If you backed before April 29th, all you’ll need to do is opt-in below. Just submit your backer email below and we’ll get you processed and send you a Steam key within 24 hours. Not a backer? Not a problem. Simply join our Piggy Backer campaign and you’ll be sent a Humble Bundle download link for the backer build.

For all other info, check out our FAQ or even our backer build announcement. If you have any questions at all, just contact us and we’ll reply back. Thank you for backing and we’ll see you in The Vale!

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Huzzah! You have successfully opted in to the Kynseed backer beta. Keep an eye on that inbox for a Steam key coming your way in the next 24 hours. While you wait, come hang out in our forums or our Discord to help pass the time. Also, thank you for supporting the game!
Sometimes in life, you have to check things more than once to make absolutely sure. This is one of those times. Thankfully, it seems that you have most definitely already opted in! You can sleep easy tonight knowing that you’ll get to play Kynseed in the next 24 hours. *pat pat*
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