Backer Questions

Why yes! We’re still running a Late Backer program (or as we affectionately call it, the Piggy Backer program). Just head over to the Kynseed late backer page to see if there’s anything that strikes your fancy. All tiers will include an immediate download of our (very rough) backer build. All other rewards and Steam keys will get sent out closer to the game’s full release.

First off, thank you for backing! It honestly means a lot to us. As we prepare the game for Early Access, we wanted to make sure that we still let our backers see how things were coming along. So if you’re a backer who wants to check out the latest build of the game, just take a gander at the two sections below.

If you backed the game before April 29th:
Our Steam overlords are very cautious about granting keys for pre-Early Access builds not yet available for purchase, so to make sure we’re only pestering them for as many keys as we absolutely need, just hop on over to our opt-in page. Once you’ve done that, we’ll get notified that you need a Steam key and will send one your way within 24 hours.

If you’re a late backer after April 29th:
It seems you’ve shown up fashionably late to the backer party. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of bagel bites left*. For all you lovely people who’ve just backed, you’ll be able to download our work-in-progress build directly through Humble Bundle. Once you back, you’ll get an email from Humble Bundle saying ‘your order is ready’. A download link will be found inside. Within 24 hours of that, you’ll also get an email directly from us confirming your tier as well as giving other useful info. And don’t worry, when the time comes for Kynseed to launch on Early Access, you’ll still get sent a shiny Steam key which will grant you all future versions of the game.

* We know it might be an odd time of day for pizza, but our consultants tell us that there’s a pizza loophole which states that when pizza’s on a bagel you can eat pizza anytime.

All Steam keys will be sent out once Kynseed is ready for Early Access at some point in the future. (No release date yet though.) Your Steam key will be ‘the one true key’ and will get you access to the Early Access version of Kynseed and all future versions including final release.

If you’re a member of our lovely Discord, you’ll be able to see that we’ve released backer build updates anytime we post a change log in the #beta-updates channel.

Alternatively, if you’re a member of our forums you can visit our Beta Updates thread, click the ‘Thread Tools’ dropdown at the top of the thread, and select ‘Subscribe to this Thread’ to get an email anytime we post a change log.

Lastly, if you’re a Steam member, you can visit our Steam Beta Updates thread there and hit the ‘Subscribe to discussion’ button on the right to get a Steam notification anytime we post a change log.

Lovely though that platform may be, Humble Bundle does not have any way of downloading updates automatically. So to download updates through Humble Bundle, you’ll just need to go back to your Kynseed download page and download the latest version there.

To access that page, you can track down your original Humble Bundle email which says ‘your order is ready’ and use that link. (You can also bookmark the link for future reference if you want.) If you have a Humble Bundle account, you can also just go to your ‘Purchases’ tab in Humble Bundle and find Kynseed there.

Once on the download page, you’ll be able to see what date the most recent version of the game is. From there, just download Kynseed and unzip the folder like normal and you’ll be able to play the game.

The backer build is the wild west of game development where anything can and will happen. So sadly we can’t promise that saves will transfer at this early stage of things. As development continues along the build will get more and more stable and save game transfers will eventually be possible.

Many of our backer rewards won’t be terribly interesting until the game gets closer to being finished. For example, we can’t send out the soundtrack until the entire soundtrack is done! Or take the art book for example, which would be very incomplete and unexciting until we’ve had a chance to make all the game’s art.

So backer rewards will be getting sent out around the time of Early Access and, in some cases, around the time of the final release. As always, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress on the game and the rewards as development continues along.

Once it comes time for us to put all our backers into the credits (closer to final release of the game), we’ll send out an email to everyone asking them to confirm or change the name that we have on file. If you want to use someone else’s name or a different name entirely, you’ll get the chance to do that at that time.

Yup! For every backer that we have, we’re donating one tree in their honour. Feel free to read our full tree donation announcement if you like, but below is a quick summary of how it all works.

We’re not big fans of business babble and we try to avoid it at all costs. So rather than be secretive about what this is costing us, we figured we’d just straight up tell you. We’re working with a reforestation project who’s been doing this a long time and their organization has some of the most passionate experts in the field. By working with these fine folks, it’s going to cost us 10 cents per tree.

Flippin’ crazy, right?

When we first had this idea, the main reason we never really pursued it was because of how expensive we imagined it might be. The fact is, all you backers made your pledges to support a game’s development, not the humanitarian aspirations of its developers. So the cost of this sort of thing was often the reason we kept nixing the idea. But at 10 cents a tree, we were more than willing to lose such a small sliver of revenue from each pledge. That 10 cents covers the transportation of seedlings (real seedlings, not you fine folk), planting them, and then weeding them later in the season.

Heres some of the specifics:

  • Each tree only costs us 10 cents.
  • All existing backers will get a tree donated.
  • All new backers will get a tree donated.
  • So far, that means over 8,000 trees are getting planted!

Whether you’re a Kickstarter backer or a Piggy Backer, you will get a tree planted on your behalf. Each and every new backer that Kynseed gets now and in the future, for the entire life of the crowdfunding campaign, will also get a tree planted on their behalf. That means that all of you wonderful people have helped plant 8,000 trees so far. For a moment, try to imagine what that many trees looks like. Think about how crazy that is.

For each of you that plants the kynseed acorn when playing for the first time, there will exist in the real world an actual tree that you’ve also helped plant.

Kynseed Questions

You’ve probably followed enough video games to know how this goes. This is the part where we talk about wanting to make sure the game is the best it can be and that we’re not ready to reveal a release date just yet. So as cliche as that is, it’s definitely true. Right now we’re focusing on the backer build that we’ve sent out to all our backers and we’re busy using their impressions to help us develop the game further.

All that to say, we don’t yet have any sort of release window in mind at the moment but we’ll be sure to keep all you lovely people updated on our development progress. For example, feel free to check out all our news where we release weekly development updates called The PixelCount Post.

If you want to get access to our (very rough and unpolished) backer build, you can head on over to our late backer program and see if there’s any tier that catches your eye.

People assume that game development is a strict progression of concept to feature, but actually it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, laggy-jaggy…stuff. Our journey still has a long ways to go, but we’ll be hanging out with our lovely community every step of the way and keeping everyone updated on our progress.

We’d absolutely love to do a Switch version of Kynseed if the stars aligned. There’s no official plans yet though, cause getting onto other platforms can be a complicated process and right now we’re just focusing on building the core foundations of the game first. But if those stars do ever align, we’ll be sure to let you all know!

We hope so! But there’s no official plans just yet. It’s important to us that we build and refine the core foundation of the game before trying to juggle other platforms. We’re definitely open to doing other platforms, but for now there’s nothing to report just yet.

Absolutely! We’re big fans of streaming and are happy to let anyone stream the game whenever and however they want. And if you need absolutely anything from us for your stream, please do not hesitate to ask. Also, if you need any screenshots, logos, or even high quality exports of our official videos, feel free to make use of the Kynseed media kit.

The only favour that we ask of you is that you let your audience know that you’re playing a very rough and incomplete version of the game. First impressions are incredibly important, so if some of your viewers are seeing Kynseed for the very first time we want to make sure they don’t accidentally think that the game is nearly finished.

Also, we have a short little message at the very start of the build that we think would serve as a fine introduction to give your audience when starting the game. Though if that’s not your style as a streamer then no stress. The main thing is to just mention to your audience a handful of times that there’s so much more left to add into the game.

Also, feel free to alert us on Discord or on Twitter (or wherever) if you’re streaming Kynseed! We love popping into streams to see how people are getting on with the game. Not only is it incredibly helpful for us to see other people’s play styles, but we also just love hanging out and talking with people. We’re a fairly chatty bunch, if you couldn’t already tell.

The easiest way to follow development is to join us on our Discord or check in regularly on our forums. We also post official news updates very often, such as The PixelCount Post – our development update that we post every week. We’re also on numerous social media platforms, many of which you can find by hitting that handy ‘Social’ button on the top right of the screen.

We love hearing about your feedback or hearing what ideas you have about the game. To share them, just hop on our Discord and give us a shout or visit our forums and make a thread. (Or contact us anywhere else you see us, as we travel many of the roads on the internet.)

The easiest way to do that is by sending us a bug report at or by making a thread in our bug report forum.

Kynseed uses the MonoGame engine, a versatile engine using C#. MonoGame is also the same engine used by Stardew Valley, Bastion, Fez, Axiom Verge, TowerFall, and many others!

Kynseed requires a graphics card that supports DirectX 11 due to using a version of MonoGame (our engine) which requires it to run. If you’re not sure if your computer is capable, you could try downloading our old prototype to see if you can run it. This is an old version of the game and is a little less demanding than the current version of Kynseed (which has much more content), but if you can load the prototype then chances are the current build will work too!

(One known issue is PC’s with integrated graphics and dedicated graphics cards can suffer a white screen. Specifying your system to use the integrated graphics should fix the issue for now until a better solution is found!)

PixelCount Questions

Indeed! Many of us here on the PixelCount team had a hand in Fable’s development ranging from designing the world of Albion to programming many of the tools that helped create it. To read more about what parts of Fable we worked on, just hop on over to our Meet the Team page.

We are absolutely independent in every way. We don’t have any publisher and we’ve never had any investors or venture capitalists provide finances. We’re 100% player supported and any money that the company makes goes straight back into the game (as well as making sure the team can eat from time to time, of course).

In all our hearts.

Oh, you mean geographically?

Since we’re a small independent company, PixelCount doesn’t have a proper studio office of any kind. This keeps costs down and gives us the freedom to work in the nude if we want. Many team members reside in the United Kingdom but there’s also a few us in the Netherlands and even sunny Los Angeles.


(Seldomly Asked Questions)

Good, thanks!

We don’t understand the question.

We have a strong anti-sandwich stance when it comes to hot dogs, in accordance with the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council’s official policy.