Once upon a lifetime…

A quirky 2D sandbox RPG adventure life sim from veterans of the Fable series.



The Lionhead spirit is invoked with Kynseed, a whimsical new adventure that brings to mind the chill-out charm of Stardew Valley and the reactive sandbox world of Fable’s beloved Albion. Raise a family, farm your land, run your shops, and explore a lovingly crafted land where all the old proverbs and superstitions are true. Plant the mystical Kynseed to grow your family tree and make choices that impact generations to come. Step into the shoes of your children to continue your legacy and further grow your reputation.

Kynseed is being made by PixelCount Studios, one of the baby Phoenix chicks that has sprung from the ashes of Lionhead Studios. Our fledgling studio consists of two Lionhead veterans who have been involved in EVERY Fable game, Black & White, and The Movies (among others). Our goal as a studio is to continue the spirit of Lionhead with games that are charming, humorous, very British, and eccentric.

“If you’ve played Stardew Valley and wished that poo
played a bigger part in life down on the farm,
Kynseed might just have you covered.”

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“The rural landscape of The Wicker Man has
ebbed into the visual style of the game, which
depicts an abundant landscape befitting a fantasy
novel or nature guide to a fairy realm.”

PC Gamer

“Few people fully understand what made Fable’s Albion
so special to players. These guys know. They made it.”

Dene Carter (Creator of Fable)


  • In this beautifully hand crafted world, everyone ages, has fears and phobias, and allergies and desires – even including the animals and monsters!
  • Each village has its own customs, festivals, delicacies and attitudes…from the humourless Puritans of Tunt to the cheery pie lovers of Poppyhill and their yearly Underpant Frenzy.
  • Step off The Path to engage in realtime combat against the faery tale denizens who guard the materials you need to craft better items and to create more potent recipes.
  • Your life is intertwined with the growth of your family tree and choices you make will manifest in its branches. But the Kynseed has a high price; a price extracted by the enigmatic Fae gentleman, Mr Fairweather…
  • Kynseed was successfully funded on Kickstarter and is now in development by PixelCount Studios, a small team of veteran Lionhead Studios developers comprising over 30 years of collective experience working on the Fable series.

The World

The land of Quill is where you live. It is a place full of idyllic valleys and meadows, peaceful villages and rosy cheeked folk. A place ruled by no king or government. It is also a place surrounded by faery tale forests that host mysterious towers, dark caves, and silent ruins. From the dreamy meadows of Summerdown to the hidden depths of Ghostlight Cavern. From the bizarre structures of Copperpot Village to the festering waters of The Shingles.

Connecting the human places of the world is The Path. The denizens of the forests never leave their homes…but if you wander from The Path expect trouble! All manner of monstrosities of folklore and Fae folk from Jabberwocks to Brounies, Men O’ the Wood to Hobgoblins, Wyrms to Banshees – these and many more lurk in the darkness.

Each village has its own customs and traditions, locality specific traits, and even tastes for food. Using this information is key if you want to forge relationships and create a winning business. Local delicacies go a long way to making simple folk happy.

Quill is also a place where superstitions and proverbs are all actually true! A stitch in time really does save nine and the Stork delivers all the babies!

Our Journey Has Just Begun

Kynseed is the passion project of a tiny but experienced team who spent aeons working on Lionhead Studios’ games. We wanted to create a game that continued the spirit of the studio we loved for so many years. It is very important to us that we involve the community of players into the creative process from the very beginning of this journey. We want to create a little studio that is always open with its community and one which doesn’t shroud itself in secrecy. It’s also a chance for us to reconnect with the Fable and Lionhead community. Kynseed is a way for us to carry on the soul of Fable in our own humble way.

Thank you to all our old Fable fans and all our new Kynseed fans. We can’t wait to go on this journey with you all.