Hag & Slash - The 

Combat Update

Coming Soon!

The Gathering Storm Update - out now!

Today’s forecast is for sun, rain, wind, snow and fog. A new intro and revamped Prologue and a new Fae realm to explore are also part of the package. Plus bushy owl. Yes indeed.

Lights & Lanterns



The Apothecary Update - out now!

The Apothecary Update is finally out and budding healers are getting their eager hands on their pestles, and giving things a good mash.

 Customers will come into your store with a wide variety of ailments and you are able to diagnose and create creams, potions and powders using your well worn work-benches.

The  Apothecary

Crafting Powders

Creating Potions

The Relationship Update - out now!

You can now befriend NPC's through your actions (or, you know, make a few enemies too). Much like in real life, it'll take more than just gift giving to build lasting relationships with those around you.

After marrying, your partner will live on your farm and carry out tasks as organised in the Family Ledger (which can include helping out with feeding the animals, cooking, farming, and gathering fruit on the farm)

The wit to woo…

The big day!

Memories to cherish

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